Safeco Auto: 800-332-3226

Here at Loggins Insurance of Crosby, we are dedicated to you. Our first concern is for you and your family to be safe and well. In the unfortunate case that you have a loss or damages, first take action to  prevent further damage or loss. Take pictures as proof of loss or damage. File a claim with your insurance company as soon possible.

If you have questions about the claims process, we are here for you.

Other useful numbers

State Auto/Home: 800-766-1853

Texas Fair Plan: 800-979-6440

Progressive Auto: 800-776-4737

Anchor Insurance: 844-365-5588

Maison Homeowners: 844-962-4766

Maison Flood: 800-767-4341

Met Auto/Home: 800-854-6011

NFIP: 800-767-4341

Commercial Claims: 281-328-1888

Rick Loggins, Jr


Wellington: 800-880-0474

Service Master Restore: 832-799-1210 for initial  water damage restoration and dryout.

UPC Insurance: 888-256-3578

Mercury: 800-503-3724

Who to call when you need to file a claim

507 Runneburg

PO Box 1971

Crosby, TX 77532

Griffin General: 281-820-0555